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"Shore to Shore" Retreat w/ Sal Macaro & Amanda Feinstein (SOLD OUT)

"Shore to Shore" Retreat in Italy

with Sal Macaro, Amanda Feinstein & Jodi Kobrin

August 20-27th

Regione di Lazio, (Province di Latina)


"Jersey Shore to the Italian Shore" Yoga Retreat in Italy

August 20-27th

Have you ever wanted to visit Italy with a local? This retreat is for you! We will be visiting the ancient village of Lenola, Italy! Lenola lives high in the mountains of the Lazio region nestled 16 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. Life in this tiny village reflects a time long ago where the focus is on family, food, and experiences. Meals are a minimum of 3 hrs long, often outdoors enjoying the scenery saying ciao to all who pass by. Escape the tourist traps and experience Italy with native Salvatore Macaro. Sal will guide us to the amazing local beaches, historical sites, and hidden gems of the region.

Salvatore Macaro is a native speaker, Italian citizen, and local of the village with generations of family still living in there area. This is an "indulge yourself" kind of retreat when it comes to living life the Italian way for a week. All major meals or "pranzi"  are from locally owned family style restaurants personally chosen by Sal himself. This is a retreat and an immersion into the Italian culture.

Tours and Experiences

August 20th - Arrival

You will arrive in Rome where you will be picked up to head into the countryside!

After settling in, we will meet for our welcome "pranzo" or lunch around 3 pm. When the village wakes up again around 5 in the afternoon, we will get acquainted with a walking tour of the village while enjoying the local cafes, shops, and bars.

(Lunch will be in Lenola)

August 21st- Sperlonga Beach Day

Let’s hit the coast! A scenic drive brings us to the gorgeous beach town of Sperlonga. Melt that jet lag away and unwind on white sand and crystal clear water. A natural spring, nearby castle, and jetting cliffside village are just some of the nearby sites to explore. Sit back and have a glass of wine at the nearby beach bar cafes.

August 22nd- Tempio di Giove Anxur- Temple of Jupiter, Terracina

We are going up up up! Located 227 meters above the sea in Terracina, sits the Temple of Jupiter.  Despite the name, it’s been said that the temple was actually dedicated to Venus. Tempio di Giove Anxur offers panoramic views of the entire coast with dozens of ruins to navigate through. Let your inner child out to explore!

August 23rd-Hiking or Open Market

(Both require to leave the hotel early am)

Hike through the picturesque mountains of Lazio to the ancient site of Quercia del Monaco. Hiking along the mountain peaks with the scent of ocean, wild sage, and mint in the air takes you to one of the highest points in the region for a birds eye view of Lazio. After lunch we will head into the town of Fondi to visit a local farm that produces its own honey on premise. We will return to Lenola that evening for a light meal.

Open Market

Time to shop like a local! In Italy, open markets are much more than a shopping trip. These open flea markets offer everything from the freshest vegetables, spices, and  bread, to shoes and handbags! Everyone goes to market to not only shop, but to haggle, chat with friends, and, most of all EAT. Indulge, sample, spend!

**Friendly note: Pack a light suitcase!


August 24th- Island of Ponza

Time to hit the beach! A ferry ride takes us to the island of Ponza! Nestled in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the gulf of Naples, this island is a treasure in itself. Part of a chain of islands including Capri, Ischia, and Ventotene its mineral-rich thermal waters and views of a medieval Aragonese castle make it a true local paradise. Take the day to detach and enjoy the beach life. Lunch will be on the island and we will take the evening ferry back in time for dinner in Lenola.


August 25th-San Felice Circeo

San Felice is the quintessential coastal beach town on the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Jetting limestone cliffs, dozens of private alcoves, and a historic lighthouse are a treat for the senses! Let’s explore, soak in the sun, and unwind in style.


August 26th- Free day and last dinner

Take the day to reset, explore, and indulge before our last dinner in Lenola.


Ristorante L'Ambrifano

Ristorante L’ Ambrifano  is one of the original restaurants of the Ambrifi region.

Indulge in antipasti crudi, gnocchi, fettuccine, local wine, and other regional delicacies while taking in the spectacular views. Enjoy the atmosphere with a birds eye view of Lenola. This is a personal favorite of Sal’s and the perfect backdrop for a farewell toast.


August 27th-Departure

CIao Italia!


Accommodations-Valle dei Pini Hotel, Lenola

This hotel is named "Pine Valley"  for the pignoli trees that surround the hotel. Tucked in the valley with Lenola as its backdrop you can soak in the views at your leisure.

Centrally located, it has access to the village, small convenient store, and buses within walking distance.

Friendly note: We will have the entire hotel to ourselves, so there is plenty of privacy to enjoy some vino and personal time along with group activities.


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditations are optional, but recommended. This is a time to find your peace, tranquility, and stay grounded. Morning Yoga and meditations will be held outside (when weather permitted) on the patio area under the pine trees. Evening meditations will keep you present and grounded in your new space. These sessions will be offered twice daily.




Breakfast in Italy is simple. Typically consisting of espresso, fresh pastries, and biscotti.

(These meals are included in your cost)


We go to Italy to eat!  Lunch or “pranzo” is the star of food culture in Italy and is the  main meal of the day. All pranzi will be prepared by local family style restaurants. The freshest fish, produce, and buffalo’s milk mozzarella are just some of the regions specialties.

(These meals are included in your cost)


"Cena" is dinner for Italians and is eaten in the evening around 8pm. This meal is light and treated more like a nibble before you begin your night out; feel free to indulge at your stomach’s content!

(These meals are not included in your price)


Friendly note: The majority of restaurants will have vegetarian options, however vegan and gluten-free options are not readily available.


In-Town Amenities

ATM- There is one bank ATM within the village that is accessible 24/7

Convenience store- There are two very small “general stores”  that sell shampoo, detergent, beverages, and snacks. There is no shortage of small cafes, bars, gelaterias, delis, and pizzerias all within walking distance.

** Friendly note: Lenola is a remote village with very limited Wifi and internet access. Having an international plan will allow you to use cell service throughout the trip if needed.



Private room-Single occupancy (2 beds 1 bath)---$2,300 per person

(6 payments of 433.00)

Shared room-Double occupancy-(2 beds+1 bath)- $1800 per person

(6 payments of $300) ( Max 2 per room unless requested or booked seperately)


Fee includes

-Airport transportation when you arrive August 20th and depart August 27th

- Site/ tour transportation


-Breakfasts (hotel)

- Accommodations



Flights are not included in your price.

Depart the USA August 19th, 2018 arriving in Rome August 20, 2018.

Arrange to arrive in Rome before 11:30 am on August 20

Departing Rome August 27th Arriving in the USA August 28th



-$250  deposit (non refundable processing fee)

-Paid in full by June 1, 2018

(Monthly installment payments available)



-Full refund minus $250 processing fee if cancelled 90 days prior to trip start date

-50% refund if cancelled 60-89 days prior to trip start date

-NO refund if cancelled less than 30-59 days prior to trip start date

(Travel insurance is always recommended when traveling)


Additional fees:

-Entry tickets for tours

-Ferry ticket (seasonal pricing)

-Additional meals


(Additional sites and tours can be scheduled with additional fees)

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