27 Tips for Traveling by Plane

You have just booked your dream retreat!

Now it's time to prepare! 

It's going to sound like a lot but it all fits into a traditional backpack.


I've had this Tumi bag for years! 


It's been through the ringer & still looks great. It's super functional with all the necessary compartments.


Worth the splurge!

Here are my 27 Tips for Traveling by plane!

Before reading please note: I am not endorsed in anyway from the brands I recommend. With years of traveling under my belt. These became my favorite go-to's.

  1. Scarf - my favorite is the lululemon vinyasa scarf. It's moisture wicking and acts as a blanket, scarf, shawl, & shirt! Sometimes you'll catch me with it wrapped over my face. Drooling photos minimized! Win!
  2. Extra pair of socks - I prefer super cozy ones for long flights
  3. Underwear (you never know if your luggage is going to get lost!)
  4. Hand wipes
  5. Arrive Revived- I looooove this stuff!! 
  6. Eye mask - I use one with little cooling gels in it. 
  7. Headphones
  8. all your chargers & adaptors
  9. Vitamin C - ever hear of the common cold? I like to over do it on the vitamin c while traveling. 
  10. Probiotics- fave: Tough Tummies
  11. Yoga tune-up balls- they super nice to use to roll out your feet, bum, & back while sitting there for hour after hour
  12. Neck Pillow - my favorite is a Conair one I picked up at Harmon's but of course, I found it on Amazon for a quick & easy order. It's inflatable so I can throw it in my backpack vs having it on the outside collecting all sorts germs. In a few breaths, it's pumped and ready to go! 
  13. Snacks! Don't depend on airplane or airport food. Depending on where you're traveling and the time, the restaurants might not be open or have what you want. Pack yourself some of your favorite bars and snacks for your "just- incase" stash.
  14. Small toiletries bag: ok, ok! I might go over the top but here it is! I pack small sample size of skincare I like. Flying dehydrates your skin! Nobody wants to be a wrinkly dry mess. Ladies & gents- keep it to sample size & under 3oz.
  15. After you make it through security, purchase the biggest, most over priced bottle of water you can find. Why? 1. You don't want to keep pressing the button to get someone over. 2. After you land, the water might not be safe to drink. It's always good to stash up on clean/ safe drinking water! 3. You might have a long commute from airport to location. 4. Flying dehydrates you. Drinking water will help you arrive feeling refreshed. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! Sense the trend?
  16. Journal & pen- I like to write down my thoughts and experiences. The pen is good for filling out your customs form on your international return flight. I usually carry 2. 
  17. Have a little cash on you. I generally like to carry a small amount in each country's currency. I used Chase as my travel credit card. They don't charge a conversion fee so it makes it easy to travel with very little cash. 
  18. Sunglasses for the planes arrival- again, if your luggage gets lost. You want to at least have the bare essentials to make it through or heck! maybe you want to wear them on the flight.
  19. Lip balm & hand lotion - I know, I sound redundant but a girl knows what she likes and it's not dry hands or lips. Throw these in your little toiletries bag but don't forget to keep it under 3oz. I'm pretty much obsessed with all the Smith line for lips. I love it for my cuticles too!
  20. Any medications you need. I always have some emergency Advil with me. You never know if a headache, ear pressure, or leg cramping occurs.
  21. Where comfortable clothing. If my flight is over 4-5 hours, I'm 100% going with the athleisure style. My faves: Lululemon & Athleta
  22. Comfortable shoes you can take off & put back on easily. This will make it just a tad bit easier going through security & kicking those shoes off for flying.
  23. Toothbrush!  Let's keep it fresh
  24. I personally don't drink & fly. I know many people who need to take the edge off but if you can, avoid alcohol. Again, just another thing that will bloat & dehydrate you. 
  25. My favorite for domestic travel: TSA Pre - totally worth the small investment if you travel a lot within the states. You go through a separate security line & usually don't have to take your shoes off. Saves you time & stress!
  26. Book/ Laptop- this is "uninterrupted" precious hours. Utilize in your best way. Work, read, rest. It's your time! 
  27. Last but of course, not certainly least, your mindset. If you are traveling to get away & have some you time. Do so! Shut down the chatter & chaos and allow yourself to enjoy! 
  28. Bonus tip! Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to settle in. You know the drill.. 2 hours for international & 1.5 hrs for domestic. 
Mom seeing me off to another adventure!  @FlyLyfRetreats

Mom seeing me off to another adventure! @FlyLyfRetreats

Happy Traveling!!!

I wish you safe, successful & comfortable flying!

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