6 Ways to Get Your Bum on a FLY LYF Retreat

Literally & figuratively! Here's my bum all out there. Letting you know, it’s not about what you're wearing, what kind of mat you have or where you come from or been. It’s about YOU. You finding your strength, your purpose, your personal breakthrough. Maybe you’ll find clarity. Energy. Compassion. Your edge. It's different for everyone. But after your retreat you can count on feeling transformed — better, stronger, happier, whatever it is for you - we are there to help you achieve it! 



Have you always dreamt about going on a retreat but unsure how to make it happen.

Read our tips on how to make it happen!

6 Ways to get your Bum on a Fly Lyf Retreat

  1. Keep it local. Our local & stateside retreats offer a more affordable price without compromising your experience. 

  2. Did you know most retreats offer payment plans for an additional fee. Fly Lyf Retreats offer payment plans without the extra cost. 

  3. We now accept Credit Cards. Rack those points up! All kidding aside. We obviously don't want you to go into debt but we do want to share all of our life coaching, adventures & memories with you. Our FLY LYF Retreats are more then traveling to a "bucket list" place, we are there to help guide you on how to live your best lyf! 

  4. "If not now, when?" How many times have you heard or you have said,  "life is short, life is precious". Well, let me tell you first hand, it sure is! I started FLY LYF Retreats because I missed out on countless adventures & trips waiting on people. No more waiting around for your friends to back out the last minute. These retreats are designed to connect with yourself & likeminded people. We have many people who travel solo and some who together. We welcome all the adventurists, yoga practitioners, aerial yogis, wine enthusiasts, foodies, hikers, walkers, travelers & vacationers. 

  5. Good 'ol karma yogi! Do you have a desire to join our retreats? The Fly Squad can always use extra hands around helping out! If you love people, sharing yoga, good food, stories, let's chat about our exchange program!

  6. Get outside your comfort zone & show your bum! Ok, maybe that's not for you but maybe it is. How will you know unless you try? 

We can't wait to explore the world with you! We hope these tips help you. Join us on a handcrafted retreat designed with you in mind. No 2 retreats will ever be the same. We work around the clock shifting & revising each retreat to be better then the last.

Come share in the FLY LYF Culture. We invite you to get fearless!!