10 Reasons to Look Up

Why Look Down, When You Can Look Up?

Photo Taken @ one of the most beautiful places in the world -Mono Lake, California. Visit  monolake.org

Photo Taken @ one of the most beautiful places in the world -Mono Lake, California. Visit monolake.org

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Here it is! Have you ever heard, if you look down you're going down but if you look up, you are going up? I often say this is class and usually in reference to jumping through the aerial hammock but what I actually mean besides the physical action is to get your head up out of the dirt and more in the clouds. Yes, I want you're head in the clouds. I want you to be a dreamer, like a BIG dreamer. We are seemingly always looking down; down in our phones & down to the ground missing all the action right in front of us. Perhaps evening missing an epic owl or sloth sighting! Journey with me & please excuse my boldness but you obviously need to hear it if you're reading this. Ready? Lift your fudging head up and get really grateful! You want to make your dreams a reality, get grateful. Not just the thanks kind of gratitude but the "I'm going to seize the day kind of gratitude". You want something, you have to get grateful, stay focused and look up, keep looking up. I know it's not easy but you got this. Pick your heavy head up & let's make this happen!

Here are your 10 steps how to get out of your rut & start making your dreams come true! 

1) Write a Gratitude Log- I love this. Writing a gratitude log is a great way to remind yourself of all the little things we are so grateful for each and everyday. Positively Present, outlines how to cultivate positivity in 5 quick steps. "Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation." - Brian Tracy

2) Get Present- You want to get present really fast? Start by do something that scares the "S" out of you! A few weeks ago, my sweets took me mountain biking for the first time. I was literally PETRIFIED the entire time! I was having such a blast but honestly, I was scared out of my mind, laughing & screaming. I literally had no choice to be completely in the moment & present. If my mind had wondered even for the slightest second, well... I probably would have ended up wrapped around a tree. My point is, you don't need to get on a mountain bike, unless that's your jam but it's to get real with yourself and get outside your comfort zone. You'll have no choice to wake up from your rut slumber. 

3) Shake Things Up- This goes hand-in-hand with #2. Push yourself outside your comfort zone and go do something you've never done before. I used to wait and wait for someone to be around to do things with me and at the very last second many times and many people have backed out. In turn, I ended up not doing the things I wanted to do because I was always waiting for someone else. Stop waiting around for others and just go for it.... I double dare you. 

4) Work Your Shit Out- Don't get me wrong, the big 'S' happens to all of us but we don't need to stay victims of our circumstances. Get the help you need & move forward. Please stop filling one void after another, this doesn't help anyone and more importantly will end up hurting you and others more in the long run. Get the help now! You'll be grateful you did. 

5) This Too Shall Pass & Dwelling- My grandmother used to say this all the time. I have definitely adopted this mentality when life throws lemons in my direction. I take my mental sword & Fruit Ninja the heck out of it! So my question to you, if you know "this too shall pass" why are you still dwelling on way after the fact? Let it go and throw some sugar on the bitter lesson. 

6) Check Yourself- I have this concept, it's called the "Spilled milk theory". What happens when the good 'ol milk gets spilled? You take a towel and clean it up. It's time to do that in your life. Clean up your space, make your bed, delete old contacts that no longer serve, clean up your mess. It's holding you back, fact! Be grateful for all the goodness and wipe away the mess. 

7) Drink the Kool Aid - Check out my last blog. It's all about the Kool Aid

8) Get Active- the articles go on and on about how excerise effects our moods and enhances our lives but if you're just arriving to this concept, check out for PsychCentral for a quick read

9) Get Outside- When was the last time you stopped & literally smelled the roses? No matter what time of the year it is, you want to get the serotonin going, boost your immune system, feel happier, get outside. It's that simple. Instead of getting in the car to get that morning cup of coffee, get on your bicycle, strap your sneakers on & get outside. You owe it to yourself to feel the cool breeze. 

10 ) Get Out of Your Own Way- Last, but most certainly not least. One of the most important lessons of them all. If you are holding you back, BRAVO! It's now time to step aside, "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?" Let go of the self-defeating behavior & start living to your fullest potential. You deserve it because whomever you think you are, whomever others think you are and who you actually are, they are all of you! It's time to get focused & out of your own way.  

Look up, Look Forward, Look Out    Photo Credit: Anna Jackow

Look up, Look Forward, Look Out 

Photo Credit: Anna Jackow

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