3 Reasons to Drink the Kool Aid

Sippin' on gin -n- juice

If I told you drinking the drink would make you happier and ultimately healthier would you do it?  Here are my 3 Reasons to "Drink the Kool Aid" and live a happier, healthier life! 

1) Fake it until you make it! It is statically proven if you smile, laugh, fake your happiness, you trick yourself & body into being happy. We have so much to be grateful for each and everyday. Why would you waste your precious life and energy on anything less then! Let the hard moments be moments and move on! Your heart knows the way. Listen. Listen. Listen. You owe it to yourself to be happy, so just GO FOR IT! Like Pink Floyd says, "Shine on you crazy diamond".

2) You might meet and see some really cool things! Many years ago, I worked for the company Lululemon. This was my first time really exposed to the "kool aid experience". I remember thinking to myself, "who are these 'lemons' and why are they so happy? What's their secret?" Well... the answer is quite complex and quite simple... they 'drank the lemon juice'. I wondered what if I drank the juice, would I instantly be happier and healthier? Either way, I didn't want to risk losing out on this possibility of bliss so I was going for it for my first taste. I didn't go in with a sip, I went in with a full on gulp! Let me tell you, from that moment I committed myself to helping others, my life was changed forever and in the end, I was exposed to some pretty epic experiences & people. #gratitude

3) If you're not happy in your life, the only one who can make a change is YOU. That change might be doing something small or going big! This is your time to take a chance and try something new- a new career, leaving your toxic relationship, getting a new hair, freshening up your life style, trying out a fitness class, joining the fly squad in Greece or even exploring a different circle of friends. If you're having a tough time finding the strength, drive or the cojones, leave a comment below and let's make it happen! You deserve to be happy, remember?

Like Buddha says, "what you believe, you become". So, believe in yourself. Believe you are everything. Believe you can make anything happen and you will if you really really want it! 

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