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My aerial yoga journey started about three years ago. The moment I laid eyes on the hammock I was hooked and in love. I knew even if I wasn't the best I needed the highest connection with this fabric and to learn as much I could about aerial yoga. My search for a teacher training course was slow and steady but very throe. When I found  Jodi and Fly & Release it was an instant over excited; sign up this moment reaction. The training was more then I could have dreamed of. Jodi's love, passion and knowledge overflows leaving me astonished and in awe. Jodi and her team taught and covered more then I even knew existed. I can't even put my gratitude for Jodi and this workshop into words but I can say I HIGHLY recommend Fly& Release for a person with zero experience in yoga or aerial as well as an experienced yogi or aerialist. Even after the course is done you are officially in the fly squad so Jodi and her team will always be there for support questions and/ or ideas. 

I hope to see you in the fly squad family! 

Love & Light

Candice, Fly Squad 2018

My experience on retreat with Jodi and the Fly Squad can be likened to the formation of a rainbow after a rain storm. I went into this experience frustrated, confused, and anxious and very guarded. I left light, loved, full and ready to take control of my life again. It is impossible to not want to open yourself up to the grace that is Jodi, she created an atmosphere for life lessons, yoga gains, perfect photos, friendships, and of course relaxation. The open itinerary allowed the weekend to grow and flow right along with us and the spirit of the group. The food was indulgent and always just the right amount. This was the first vacation I ever really invested into just myself but I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my precious vacation time in the future. Thank you Jodi, for more than words can encompass.

Nicole, Fly Squad Catskills Retreater, 2018

I came into aeriel yoga teacher training without ever having been in an aerial hammock. Jodi made us all comfortable right from the start- she had 4 of us get into one hammock just so we could see that it would hold all of us and we had nothing to fear!  There were people with various levels of ability, experience and strength in the class and we were all encouraged to push our own individual limits- but we were never pushed past what we could do or what was safe. 

Jodi was articulate and incredibly knowledgeable. She really took the time to explain things so we all understood. 

I got a great base knowledge of the poses, information on how to put a class together and all of the business aspects as well! There is so much covered in the training, and it is all so valuable. Most importantly, I got a kick ass workout and I had so much fun!!! I’d definitely recommend this training!

Geraldine, Fly Squad 2018


The fly and release aerial yoga teacher training is a truly wonderful program. Jodi’s teaching method provides a great balance of a structured educational program paired with the wisdom and practical tips from a master Aerial yoga instructor. The core values of Fly and Release are empowerment and education which is precisely what I got out of this training. I began the journey with minimal experience in aerial yoga and graduated from the training as someone confident in my abilities as an aerial yoga instructor.

Caitlin, Fly Squad 2018


I took Aerial yoga teacher training in May 2018. I do not have a yoga background. I have been in the fitness industry for 14 years and decided to take the teacher training course because I wanted to learn something different. Little did I know when I signed up for the program that this was going to be one of the best things that ever happened to me, not only did I grow as a fitness instructor, but I learned a lot about myself. 
Jodi is a wonderful teacher and someone to look up to! Not only was she there for support as a teacher, but also as someone to confide into. She made it a safe place to ask questions, learn and most of all made it fun! By the end of the course I felt completely confident and excited to start teaching.
I would like to thank Jodi, Fly and release for the teacher training program! I am so proud to call myself A part of the Fly squad! ❤️ 

Without a doubt the best decision I’ve ever made in my fitness journey!

Marcella, Fly Squad 2018


The Fly & Release teacher training program was an eye-opening experience. Jodi was, first of all, thoroughly versed in her craft, and her hands-on demonstrations and teaching were so smooth and seemingly effortless that when the trainees tried out the poses and felt the challenges physically on the swinging silk, it really drove home how much practice, sweat, and dedication Jodi must have poured into honing her art. Aesthetically it was exhilarating and pleasing to watch her showcase the poses and transition from one move to another. Physically we learned that the workout on the silk can be as challenging yet versatile as you want it to be. Many different types of classes could be organized by utilizing the silk differently in relation to the body. Jodi brings to life the challenges and beauty of the work on the silk, and shares her knowledge and passion without reservation. She is warm, encouraging, fun, and genuinely caring. This training program with Jodi at the helm offers you the opportunity to step into another world of physicality and explore the possibilities therein. Absolutely loved it and thirsting for more! 

Thanks again!

LJ, Fly Squad 2018 


It is said that: If something is meant to be, it will happen.                                                                                     

 I didn’t even plan to take Aerial Teacher Training, but after I took my very first aerial yoga class, I decided to go for it. Jodi inspired me so much with her passion for aerial yoga that I couldn’t resist my desire to explore it much further and share it with people. My training was an amazing and unforgettable experience. It was very intensive but with positive and friendly atmosphere where everyone supported each other in the whole process of learning. Jodi is a wonderful teacher with a great personality, and a heart full with love to others. She guided and encouraged us throughout this incredible journey, and helped us to gain confidence and knowledge. She showed and taught us the real meaning of “FLY LYF”. It can’t be explained only with words. You have to experience it so you can feel this new magical world.                                                                                                                                             It’s such an honor and pleasure to be a part of Jodi’s FLY Squad and I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for being my teacher!

Jana- FLY Squad 2018

"The Fly & Release Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (F&R AYTT) experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that anyone interested in expanding their personal and/or professional horizons should try.  This includes experienced aerialists or hammock newbies, aspiring teachers or individuals interested in exploring personal goals, those with an advanced mat yoga practice or people with no prior yoga experience.  As a yogi of 15+ years, I became interested in aerial yoga because it gave me the chance to take my practice airborne and fly – a dream come true!  Jodi has created a program that is thoughtfully organized, fully interactive, and creates a strong foundation on which to build as each student progresses in their practice.  The hands-on hours of training are spent learning a full repertoire of poses (included in the F&R manual that each student receives), the safest way to assist students in the poses, and how to put together class sequences.  Everyone gets multiple chances to practice teaching with the group and receives individual feedback from Jodi that builds confidence and skills.

The AYTT challenged me to expand what I thought was possible for my body and encouraged me to explore my strength, both in mind and body.  I started my AYTT with the full intention of learning more for my personal practice and along the way was inspired – by Jodi and the rest of the inspiring F.L.Y. Lyf community – to share my passion for aerial yoga with others through teaching.  Jodi’s genuinely positive energy and humility enables everyone to feel welcome in the hammock and comfortable through the struggles and successes of learning to fly.  She works tirelessly to encourage and empower all of her students, sharing her depth and breadth of experience in the worlds of yoga, aerial arts, and teaching with honesty and integrity." 

Thank you so much for so generously sharing your energy, expertise, and enthusiasm through the training and all of your classes -- everything you do has such authenticity and positive vibes and I am so grateful our paths have crossed. 

xx Claire - Fly Squad 2018

When I first thought about taking this Aerial Teacher Training I was so nervous for a few different reasons. To start I had only taken three aerial classes prior to the training, I had not been to the studio so didn’t really know anyone like the rest knew each other, and to be honest i was worried about spending money and it not being for me in the end. Needless to say i had nothing to worry about. After our very first class the group just clicked, and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for our amazing teacher Jodi! With ice breakers, and sharing our journal entries she turned a room full of nervous trainees to friends. And in those forty hours we learned all about Aerial Yoga. We had a lot of reading material, and just as much hands on training, we started practice teaching and had some homework after each class to make sure we really understood the fundamentals. With Jodi’s patience, great energy, and endless knowledge on Aerial Yoga we were all able to easily keep up and continue learning. Then before we knew it we were certified Aerial Yoga Teachers! It wouldn’t have been the same with anybody else, truly an amazing experience with an amazing person ! <3 

Destiny- Fly Squad 2018

When I first heard of this opportunity there was a little voice inside of me that said "just go!" so I signed up a few days later and it was THE BEST decision.  I don't even know where to start and fear that I cannot even describe my feelings accurately on how truly amazing this trip really was. It gave me everything my soul was needing; a beautiful daily yoga practice, an astoundingly beautiful place to stay (unreal views everywhere!), lovely people to share my experience with and two fantastic hosts that really made this trip great.  Spyros owns the property and he made everyone feel right at home.  He prepared a delicious breakfast every morning and for dinner he would take us to these very authentic Greek restaurants and the food was to die for.  I would go back for the food alone, I'm not kidding.  And then there's Jodi, she's one of my most favorite people on the planet.  She put together this whole retreat and I applaud her for for making everything smooth sailing.  I've practiced yoga with her before and I love going to her classes because well for one shes an amazing teacher who caters to all levels but really she just has this energy you want to be around.  Her energy shined throughout this entire trip and it was a treat to spend the week with her.  Some things I really loved about the trip was the wine tasting at Avanti Winery, the local hikes. the authentic Greek food and of course the daily yoga practices and meditations.  If you're looking to make lifelong friends, do some yoga with the best views you could ever ask for, relax and unwind and eat some great Greek food then this is the trip for you!

Courtney, Fly Squad Retreater Greece- 2017

Whether looking to teach aerial yoga, expand deeper into your practice or even just into yourself , Fly and Release aerial yoga teacher training is an extraordinary way to do so. Jodi takes the time to really teach a student how to understand themselves and what they are capable of. She goes above and beyond making a student feel limitless , empowering them and making them feel at home in the hammock.

 As a yogi of over 5 years Fly and ReleaseAYTT is something I felt honored to be able to have experienced. I took not only the technique of the aerial art home with me but so much more. The bond that develops in that room is unlike any other. I walked in having no idea what to expect and left feeling strong , confident with the ability to FLY.

 I highly recommended this training to anyone who is looking to learn more and fall in love with the idea of"I can". Anything is possible if you just believe..... Fly and Release has mastered making that happen!

Shauna-  Fly Squad Costa Rica 2017

Fly & Release AYTT was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Prior to enrolling in my teacher training, I took aerial yoga classes with Jodi and instantly fell in love with aerial yoga. When I heard she was offering a teacher training course, I didn't hesitate to say yes-- the timing was perfect for me in terms of my work schedule and I knew this would be an ideal way to share my love of aerial yoga with others. Jodi's AYTT was the perfect teacher training class.  It was incredibly efficient and always engaging, I never had the feeling like any part of it was a "waste of time." Most importantly, I can't even stress enough how devoted and dedicated Jodi is to her class and to her students-- and as long as I have known her, she's always possessed this amazing quality which is hard to find nowadays.  When I walked into day 1 of my teacher training, it was incredibly apparent how excited she was to be sharing her love of aerial with others. It was clear that she had spent so much time and preparation into crafting and perfecting her course to ensure that her students gained the ultimate benefits from this experience.  Jodi provided us with a precise schedule that students could easily follow throughout the training and to created her own AYTT manual containing a plethora of information about the practice of aerial yoga, how it affects the body, details about the specific poses, and pages for reviewing and reflection.  Every day she encouraged us to take the info we learned, step outside of our comfort zone, create our own sequences to teach the others, and provided incredible feedback and insight structured to each particular student. The resources provided in the training were concise but so incredibly valuable. I have now been teaching aerial yoga classes on my own for over 6 months and I still to this day reference Jodi's materials and feedback prior to teaching. Jodi was also incredibly receptive to feedback from our class- she was always interested in hearing our questions, thoughts, comments etc. and I found it so refreshing to have a teacher that was genuinely invested in our yoga education and cared so much about giving the best training possible. 

I could honestly go on and on about how wonderful Jodi and her teacher training are, but the most important takeaway is that Jodi is one of the kindest, passionate, genuine, dedicated, knowledgeable, caring, and experienced instructor I have ever met, and it's always such a wonderful positive experience simply being in her presence. I believe everyone can benefit from her teacher training-- those that are interested in teaching, those that just  want to improve their own aerial practiced and even those that just want to be around a genuinely all-around awesome woman. I am truly grateful to Jodi for introducing aerial into my life, for continuing to  educate me about my practice and teaching (even still to this day!) and always keeping me excited to share the love of aerial with others, and- above all- for being a phenomenal, knowledgeable, positive, down to earth individual that I'm so happy I can call a friend :)

Amanda- Fly Squad since May 2016

I immediately fell in love with Aerial Yoga after taking a Bollywood Dance and Aerial Yoga Fusion workshop in Jersey City during the summer of 2016. I heard about Jodi's Fly and Release Aerial Yoga teacher training at Tula Yoga in Aberdeen, NJ and decided to give it a try. As an E-RYT 300 Yoga Teacher, I can tell you that Jodi's Fly and Release Aerial Yoga teacher training is a must for any teacher looking to broaden their personal yoga practice as well as to spice up their students' yoga practice to the next level. Jodi's lighthearted presence, attention to detail, caring, but also empowering sense of pure truth during the training helped solidify and expand the repertoire of skills necessary to develop and cultivate strength and grace for postures that once seemed quite difficult on the yoga mat. With her guidance and genuine kindness, she helped cultivate the space for a more caring and nurturing atmosphere within the aerial hammock, especially for more difficult postures such as arm balances, backbends, and inversions. Jodi's style of teaching and guidance has helped me advance into the second series of Ashtanga Yoga and I am forever grateful. I am now able to drop back from backbends and perform arm balances much easier due to the beauty, nature, and foundation with which the aerial hammock provides. This could not have all been possible without the years of experience, but most importantly, the true genuine humanity that Jodi brings on and off the yoga mat. Jodi is the real deal and will help you take your yoga practice to the next level. 

Ivan- Fly Squad since September 2016

I loved Jodi's Aerial Teacher Training, I highly recommend it for anyone who either wants to deepen their knowledge of Aerial Yoga or who wants to teach students to "fly". Very well thought out curriculum, filled with lots of information and of course delivered by the fabulous, very entertaining and fun Jodi Kobrin.

Patricia- Fly Squad since April 2016

Fly and Release Aerial Yoga Teacher Training with Jodi took my yoga practice to the next level. I now have a greater understanding of my body and all of the amazing things that it can do both on the mat and in the hammock. I have been able to master poses I never thought I would be able to, and this has allowed me to be more confident and to trust my body more. I am so thankful for Jodi's class, and I would highly recommend it!

Taylor- Fly Squad since March 2016